Discuss about the most "interesting" people you've met in Gmod

That’s right. Here you can talk about all the wonderful perfectly socially functioning people you meet on Gmod multiplayer be it on a DarkRP, TTT, Sandbox, whatever’s your cup of moose piss.

I made this due to being a long time player and have came across so many people that I’d deem “interesting”.

For me it’d be a late night experience with a DarkRP young player who was about 7. He would do nothing and be completely oblivious to the idea and non existence of RP within DarkRP, he would spend his hours doing jump challenges around the map and enticing players in with his heartwarming view on life. I wish to someday come across Genny again and hope he finds his way back to me somehow for more jumping in the downtown_v2 sewers.

“discuss about”

Most interesting would have to be the guy that spent a ton of time make a really nice looking hobo hut… on a spacebuild server.

I haven’t really met an interesting person, but I have been harassed by someone who told me his dog licks peanut butter of his nipples :S

The guy with mic at 0:50

While I know this thread is using “interesting” in a sarcastic context
I know a very interesting player, he co-owns two communities, he codes for both, and he codes for other servers like Freebuild And Kill. He’s really good at building and E2, supposedly learned lua when he was 10, and I’ve always thought he was older than me.
Yesterday I found out he’s in 8th grade. :pwn: