[Discussion]Concept for a new roleplay server. Suggestions welcome!

Hello everyone,
this is going to be a long post, but I hope that the read will be worth it for you and everyone intrested in a roleplay server in Rust. I will present to you my concept of a potential server and would ask you to provide honest feedback, whether it is good or bad.

General Idea
The general concept of this server is to create an environment in which all people fed up with KoSing or RDMing can have fun, fight for survival and ultimately form big factions and nations to secure their grip on specific areas of the map for a steady and secure income of resources. All this paired with a semi-realistic and light-roleplay setting. Light roleplay meaning that there is no obligation to talk 100% in character while in-game, etc.

It is about engaging with other people on many different levels, to interact with them, persuade them, reason with them and argue with them instead of just blindly killing each other without any plot, sense or reason.

A central hub will be provided for PvE purposes, i.e. a marketplace for safe player to player trading, embassies of factions/nations and prospectively player or NPC shops (if plugins will get to that). It would also be possible to rent out or sell small (!) and limited lots to rich merchants for storage or as a safe-haven for committed lone-wolves, who don’t enjoy the luxury of a faction/nation HQ/capital.
I added a picture regarding the PvE safezone town below (the green marked zone).

Crafting of military grade objects will be disabled. The chances of high-end loot spawning in crates will be lowered and the only way of getting your hands on C4 / Explosives is via airdrop. No spawn of this stuff on mutants.
These mechanics should further encourage thinking about spending your military resources, i.e. attacking other players or raiding other homes. These supplies are scarce so you’ll have to decide carefully where and on whom to spend them.
Combined with a whitelisting via SteamGroup and a small application form it will hopefully keep out those random deathmatchers and make it easy to get rid of hackers.

I’d appreciate comments and feedback on that concept, rules and plugins. If there is enough interest and a generally positive feedback about this, I will open the server up in the next days. If you’ve got suggestions regarding the rules or concepts make sure to post them, I’ll honestly consider each and every statement.

Also feel free to contact me via PM if you are interested in a cooperation / partnership regarding this.
If the concept proves successful, I’ll open applications for mod / admin positions at a later date. However, if you are one of those admin abusers don’t even bother to apply. I will make sure that all staff gets only the minimal amount of powers needed for their position and will monitor all actions closely via logging. That means stuff like godmode, giving items, … will only be available to the inner circle of staff that I know I can trust.
A plugin to report abusive behavior by anyone will also be made available directly in-game. It will have the possibility of notifying me and other staff via Steam even if we are not playing at that point of time.

• Oxide API
• Oxmin
• Protection
• Death Handler
• Players List
• Limited Sleepers
• Door Sharing
• Loot Spawn Lists
• Remover Tool
• Location and Map Autotracking
• Zone Manager
• Airdrop Frequency Controller
• Chat History
• Groups
• Bushy Report
• Flags
• Decay Control
• Crafting Controller
• Advanced Kits
• Chat Moderation
• Steam Group
• Private Messaging
• Deny Foundation
• CheatPunch/VAC Checker
• FPS Booster Clean
• Server Rules
• Ping Kick


Hacking / Exploiting
• Hacking is a bannable offence. If you get caught a permanent ban will be issued. There is NO redemption.
• Using client mods to gain an unfair advantage is considered hacking.
• Bugs, glitches and exploits will pop up from time to time, as it’s the nature of an alpha version. Abusing them in any way is NOT allowed. Depending on the severity a warning, temporary or permanent ban will be issued.

• Griefing is NOT allowed under any circumstances.
• Structures are NOT to be placed in a way that block the usage of doorways or the expansion of existing buildings for other players.
• Suiciding in order to gain access to other players’ buildings is NOT allowed. That explicitly includes ‘tactics’ like jumping from a high tower and placing a sleeping bag on the ceiling of a building before hitting said roof and dying.
• You are ALLOWED to build / use siege structures. However, these are restricted by the rules above. These structures must be in close proximity to the target. “Pillar-hopping” over great distances is prohibited.
• Spamming in any way is NOT allowed. That includes the permanent playing of music via voice chat and excessive suiciding or logging in/out.
• If you are unsure if a certain behavior is considered griefing, ASK AN ADMIN!

Communication guidelines
• While foul language is permitted on the server in regard to the role-playing nature of the server, we ask you not to use it towards other players in excess.
• If someone asks you to stop because your talk is offending them, stop.
• Do NOT make derogatory comments based on sex, race, religion, … of other players
• Abusing the report system is prohibited!
• We shouldn’t have to explain this… Use common sense!
• Punishments may vary based on the severity of the offence and range from warnings to permanent bans.

Roleplay vs. PVP / Rules of Engagement
• Keep structures realistic, i.e. NO floating bases, etc.
• PvP is an important part of Rust. However, to support a roleplay oriented gameplay certain restrictions have to be in place in order to prevent abuse and harassment of players.
• After killing a player twice in a row it is considered harassment to continue doing so unless in self-defense. Appropriate actions will be taken.
• It is NOT self-defense if you attack and/or provoke another player first.
• While extortion, etc. are legit roleplay elements, it is considered harassment to make threats to continue killing a player unless they take a specific action, i.e. paying resources.
• Random Deathmatching and killing on sight, as in randomly attacking/killing players without a solid reason or any roleplaying context is NOT allowed.
• Excepted from this rule are the public hotspots of Rad Towns (& similar areas) and airdrops, as you are directly fighting for extremely rare resources on a very condensed space.
• Use common sense while playing and try to engage with people in a roleplaying fashion, i.e. on a social level. Remember, this server is about surviving in the long term and ultimately forming large, tight-knit communities of players. Think before you pull the trigger and consider the long-term impacts of your behavior.

Factions & Nations
• Factions require at least 3 members to create
• You will have to post a new thread in the Steam groups’ forums. Exert yourself and post a detailed description of your faction, its aims, general location (N,E,S,W), whether you are recruiting, requirements to join, your factions’ tag, etc.
• Once approved, your faction will get a ONE TIME supply of building materials to help you get started on your factions’ HQ.
• A nation requires at least 10 active members. These can either be achieved by having a large faction or by merging with other factions.
• When a nation is formed the engaged factions will be dissolved. A new thread on the forums is required. Once again you will be provided with a ONE TIME supply of materials to help you get started.
• All faction and nation members are required to wear according tags in front of their names, e.g. [KB] for the Kingwood Brotherhood.
• Wars can be declared. Declarations have to be posted in the forums and contain a proper cause of war and one or more war goals. Use common sense!
Once all war goals are reached or either side surrenders, the war is to be marked as done.
• A status of war will soften the PvP restrictions between the engaged factions. Naturally there is no limit on consecutive killings when attacking/defending the enemy territory. However, general griefing and excessive consecutive killing of the same player in neutral areas is still prohibited.
• Threats to destroy a faction / nation or keep engaging its members unless they take a specific action, i.e. merging, paying tributes, … are ALLOWED.