[Discussion not release] CW: ApertureRP


Wrong section mate…

Should i post it in the development section?

Yes but sounds fun I would play.

If you want, i can will help you for the mapping, add me on steam.

Steam : samditmissile

Ok great. Im josephfra on steam


thats like the 3rd time you’ve posted that

Maybe he is trying to find his long lost friend :stuck_out_tongue:

Still need a mapper guys. The position is open.

What’s in it for the mapper?

So far I see no release, no discussion. Just a job and server advertisement…

Its a gamemode server. I cant exactly release the gamemode without it.

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Well, what do you want?


That doesn’t make sense… So you’re saying you need to advertise your server in order to release a gamemode which you haven’t released?

You dont understand. It is a gamemode which is only playable on the server.

Are you going to release it, when it’s done?

So are you implying that it is a private gamemode?

Well kinda.