Discussion - The Reality of the Community

Since the launch of Garrymod 13 I’ve been looking over expecting all sorts new developments with the introduction of many fixes yet there seems to have been little if any. Having a wander about there are people making some amazing things that could, in the future have purpose.
My question to every is, what really is the state of the community and where are things at… Are things being developed or is everything meeting a problem or simply dying off. There has always been the age old question of DarkRP and how it scorns the environment yet people seem to ignore the fact it is and has been 99% of the time, the only working and updated roleplay gamemode out there.
Only today, Sassilisation a community I recall from the start of my garrysmod years, declared it was entering what could only be described as financial difficulty due to environmental changes. Although back in the day it was Garry’s posting of his experience there that directed it to me and its long standing reputation for quality and reliability is what kept it up to in rankings till recently, what is it now we value in a community.

p.s. Having read over what i just wrote it looks like i’ve been sniffing glue, if you come to the same conclusion read the tl;dr
tl;dr Having a discussion about what peoples expectations are in a community. What the community as a whole is like for them in garrysmod OR make a point about garrysmod communities or the community as a whole that we can all discuss. (Basicaly having some form of discussion in the discussion section).

Cool work is posted all the time in the Lua section’s What Are You Working On (WAYWO) thread. Unfortunately, most projects are never completed, at least not for public display.

Ye when I do look there is always at least one project that looks promising yet over time I think the whole culture of garrysmod has become, “I can make a quick buck out of this” and host privately or with what opensource is left take that and assume they will become instantly popular.