Discussion: Where do your ideas come from/Create homework for noobs :-)

I’ve been stuck in a rut.
Before, I asked people what was the first thing they made, when did they make it, blah blah ect.
A lot of people said they made some client side “hacks” <— lol
I decided to do that, I did that, along with making a functional menu for it and making it kinda pretty.
Now I don’t know what else to make. I mean I do have ideas for some projects, but they’re way out of my reach at the time due to my capabilities.

Where do you guys get your ideas, what do you think about when brainstorming?

If you guys could suggest me some “homework” that would be great. I’ll take that homework and create a list on here and slowly work my way down from easiest to hardest.
If there’s other inexperienced learners out there, perhaps you could take a shot at it and post your results here. I think this would be a fun little project for people to do.

Make a leveling system using PData
HUD that displays level, current XP, XP needed to level, make a bar that show progression. (I really don’t know because like I said I’m out of Ideas )

[Finished Example]
That Dank Leveling System amirite

  1. Think of another game you like
  2. Think about a particular feature of the game that you like
  3. Would it work as a gameplay mechanic in TTT/DarkRP/Deathrun/Prophunt/Murder?
  • If No, repeat step 2
  • If Yes, implement as a gameplay mechanic into desired gamemode

My first lua project was creating “elemental” weapons with varying power levels for TTT, it was based off the randomised weapons from Borderlands. It worked and was cool for a while although it ended up as too much of a gimmick, but at least it taught me a bit about SWEPs

Even if your ideas don’t work out, you’ll still get plenty of your friends offering suggestions for the next thing you create so there is no shortage of inspiration.

What would you suggest to a new coder to make? :slight_smile:


I could create a weapon with my eyes closed.
I’m talking about being precise, I want a challenge.
A teacher student sorta thing. Include an some details. What should it do, what should it look like, what makes it hard, what’s the challenge. You feel?

Make an anticheat

Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Since it’s not something very broad and wide.