Discussion : Why is it we host servers?

So im just sittin here @ home sick, and I’m wondering.
Why do people even bother hosting servers?

Reasons I can think of are…

  1. For the glamour and the fame (if there is any…)
  2. For money… cos you wanna be rich.
  3. Cos people are bored?

I don’t know… but I personally host for… a community, and just a way to get off being bored.
Also learnin too.

So what is it GMod?
Why do you host servers, or why do you want to?

So people can enjoy the game

Usually, you pay more than you earn.
Personnaly, I host a server to be sure I have a safe place to play.

I host servers to learn how to set them up and solve problems.
I also tend to host them on the worst server set-ups possible to learn how to fix those up too.
Its a good way to learn how to solve PC problems and such, and Ive learned a great amount of things from just fixing problems.
Basically, learning and fun.

I’d strongly agree myself, and the safe place to play. To be sure your in control lol.

Also, learning to solve PC problem’s I’ve came across learning these things, like using Google effectively.

I hosted a CS one a long time ago, And one reason is for recognition, people respect you for making a decent server and you’re also adding to the community.

We host server because we want to let people play on them, and respect us “hosters”, and we also host because we like to be able to have the powers to mess around with our admin powers.

I like being able to laugh at the people getting meatspinned who try to bypass my anticheat.

I used to host them like that, only know i use a Dedicated server (VPS). Turns out Servers like Dedicated Servers and you dont have to deal with some stupid things… And your 100% right. Its a good way to learn Gmod inside and out.

Well for me, I have worked for 2 very popular GSP’s (Game server providers) and the reason we hosted them was to make a living out of it.

Too many rp servers. But seriously, I host because it’s fun to be in control of an entire server and messing around occasionally.

I know right? Where’s all the TTT servers?

I actually run a Fretta server. I also host because it’s nice to own a server you can test your lua scripts on too :v:

I’m good friends with an owner of a network of gaming servers (so far only Gmod[sandbox and spacebuild], CSS and TF2) and he takes joy in making friends, meeting new people and just having fun. He’s a really funny and cool guy.

He’s moving both the spacebuild and sandbox server into is own home soon. Their server provider (Xenon) got scammed a while back so they’re stuck with shitty, unstable servers which can barely handle a few moving props without the ping jumping up to 200-300 MS. These new ones are alot better. They’re in beta testing to work out the bugs and kinks.

I’ve never hosted a server on Gmod before, but if I did I would do it to host some of the good maps that I never see on multiplayer servers, or to host maps that I’ve made.

That’s usually only if your server gets REALLY popular.

A lot of server owners do it for the power though. Having your own server kicks ass, when you can determine what maps and addons are on it, when you can decide who can and can’t join, things like that feel great to have. Others do it to get a place to have fun with current and possibly future friends.

Some of my reasons state ^.

I personally like how I know I run a server how I’d like to see it in my perspective.

I run servers for several reasons.

  1. Being in control, being able to join a server with my friends that i can upload what i want on where we can do what we want.

  2. Having authority, so we can keep out the rule breakers

  3. Having control of if its private or public

theres more but i can’t think straight. But yeah people go to servers for online variety. And we pay for them because if the online network was just one big world it would be horrible, with all the known as “minges” causing mayhem everywhere. Basically servers are given out to the people who want the authority to have one.

so I can ban people for no reason

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like a pro

Because I do not like the way people admin their servers and I believe I can do it better

So I have my own server where I can set my own rules