Disease game mode - Request

In this gamemode players must fight a desease which is given to a random player when the reqiured amount of players is filled. The one who starts with the desease has less symptoms than those later infected people, creating a lot of tension between the players. The infection starts at a random point.
But barricading up is not a solid answer because you have to eat and drink.
But then again the infected person can infect many food and open water sources by only touching them.

Before the infection begins players can buy houses and fill them with guns and food supplies.
If the amount of players gets higher some players will be sected as Quarantine specialists who can deal out canned food and bottled water, plus that they can deal out light protective suits (metro cop outfits) to civilians.
Here again is one thing to add: suits have different sizes, the player will choose his/her clothe size in the beginning.
And a truck will arrive once in a while to the area to deal the equipment and the truck will be replaced with a helicopter once the infection is too high.

Players will respawn but when the infection spread enough the desease will create Zombies, which have to be fought.

You spelled disease wrong. Otherwise nice idea, it’s similar to one I had a while back. I might note some of this down and maybe have a go sometime.


anywho i got some suggestions =)
firstly if the infected touches the food it will have to take like 5-10 seconds before the food becomes fully contaminated.

nextly I’m not to sure about BUYING houses but what the heck.

Also you should give props a health rating so that the zombies will eventually break through, Traps should also be in this like mines and the like.

when you say less symptons do you mean like loss/gaining of appetite which means that they will drain food and water quicker than other players. on that note the players should have a box which they can put stuff in (you could use homemade cars if the map is big enough) so they can carry more food back to there hideout

any did i mension that this is SEXY!? seriously its a good idea C=

Nice! Your ideas will be included, they are that good.

I got a few pretty good ideas too:
The map which is based around a country side has objectives that will break randomly, for example:
Something in the sewers breaks and one player must be sent down to regain tap-water, but If and infected person is sent the tap-water will most likely get infected and so will the ones that drink it.
There will be a few ponds in the map (which I will start drawing when I come home) where players are able to take water from.
Also many jobs can be applied to the players such as:
Town doctor, engineer, sheriff, farmer, cheff and arms dealer. The town doctor will most likely be the the Quarantine Specialists assistant when that stage is achieved.

please not another darkrp rehash, no “classes” please…

Don’t worry.

The classes will only work in this way:
Thr doctor heals people, the engineer is faster at repairing things, the carpenter is fast at building and repairing barricades and the farmers have quite big food supplies to start with.

It is mostly for being able to decide who should take care of what when the infection spreads.

Those are called perks!


And you are going to do this or not? Well anyway giving it a try!

YES!!! my ideas are good. anywho you didn’t answer the question of the syptom things (even though I didn’t really put a question mark at the end)

also you could have a few maps for it. but about the break randomly thing, if something does break couldn’t they all decide to go down therefore you could make the thing a bit more complex so three people go down to fix three broken parts so then one of them could actually contaminate it and get away with it because having one person go down and then the the water goes all stupid, your all gonna blame the guy who went down (im just thinking of making it fairer for the infected guy).

so you are actually going to unclude the boxes thing (either that or have an inventory swep). Lol i might make a map for you if i can be bothered (I’m already helping some other guy) but really im only good for visuals C=.

I’ve started noting ideas in a word doc, if you want to see what I’ve got noted so far, download this (it’s just a text doc with ideas in): http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=01912952787537934809

I’ll make a start with some basic stuff when I have some free time. :slight_smile:

Hm, I suggested this a while back too, and I got rated dumb. Our ideas are practically the same. And, because of that, I hope someone makes this. Glad I’m not the only one who would find this fun :v:

An answer for the symptoms: there will be coughing and sneezing (wich noninfected people do too but not as often), later on there will be couching and trowing up blood, after that there will be widly increased hunger and thirst and last but not least there will be personality changes (player becomes an NPC zombie).

And thank you for reminding to make the Fix broken object missions have 3 ppl or so to do the repairing n’ stuff, because for some reason I didn’t think about that.

And if you are willing to make a map for then I am very thankfull. But do not worry about the design, I am gonna draw the place bird perspective in paint and photoshop and I’m also gonna draw some detailed pictures on paper.

BTW if you are interested of knowing what inspired this idea, it was Cabin Fever.


I liked you ideas.

And with buying houses I actually meant selecting a house (my fault for not being enough clear with that).
About cars: I was thinking about quite big maps here so vehicles both homemade and average cars (Audis trabbis et.c.) could be very usefull for transport (we would need VU-Mod and to create a bagage mod).

Someone was making a gamemode called plague a long time ago. I don’t think it was ever completed.

If it does take off I can make sounds and a map if needed.

right so you mean selecting a pre-made house then barricading it saving time for not having to build the entire house.
to make it more fair for the infected guy you should have a warning of when he is going to having bad symptons (the worser ones than sneezing) so that way he could just run of to a room and do whatever.
everybody should also be on there own teams, that way you could accidently friendly fire someone you believe to be the infected, or you could have people team up with each other and the infected guy relying on his teamate to cover for him =].

btw you should have custom SWeps like loads of shotguns, some smgs and few rifles. push in some melee weps but i don’t think that will work properly unless you have a sledge hammer with tons of damage so that when you get hit, they die

Though barricading yourself up too early will then prevent you from interacting with others or going to buy food et.c.
And warning the infected guy about throwing up blood or any worse symptom so that they can hide it and cause the infection to spread more later on (since the game is not about stopping the infection as fast as possible, it’s about creating tension and trusting the right and the wrong people and the basic human instinct: survival).

About the weapons:
As I was planning that this would be settled att the country side as weapons there will be basic rifles, SMG’s, many shotguns and assault rifles (though the automatic firing weapons will be rare at the gunshop and the easiest way to get them is by “purchasing” them via the internet and they come after about 10 minutes to the mail office, which again will be closed when the infection hits enough, so be fast).
And at the country side a large amount of melee weapons will be also used for their original means (ex. a hammer can nail your barricades and also crack some heads).

S new idea:
If bodies are left without burning them the level of infection will raise and a random NPC(human or animal) will most likely get infected.

I’m liking this idea, btw the hammer thing you have sounds like it’s off ZP!S because it has a hammer which you can board up doors and stuff with but it is only usable once
I’m slighty confused with the internet part but im guessing you should have a post office type shop and that it has parcel (or whatever) which are actually owned by the player who ordered for it therefore he/she are the only player who can open it.
Food & water should come in the form of a truck and should be expensive when ordered from the internets

And to make it even more fairer for the infected when he gets really infected (bad symptons) then he could special abilities such as wall climbing and stuff

btw you should put some weapons around the map like in a barn or something

So are people going to just keep psting ideas or are people actually going to work on this?

well i think he is trying to get a team together, so we shall just keep posting epoch ideas until he has figured out something

but about melee wepons,you should have a change to get infected if you stab the infected guy,like his infected blood touches you or so.and,what about a military cleanup that happens if 50% are infected,like soldier npc spawning and killing everyone for like 5 min?would be funny imo.BUT PLEAS EMAKE THIS

lol soldiers pwnting everybody, that would help you for a bit until you need to eat :V
anywarez more information