Well… what about them? They seemed to be something to be dealt with in a game like Skyrim and could definitely have a negative effect on the character.

Not sure how exactly you would implement this or what the disease types would be but I would imagine in a survival environment that a major contributing factor of death would be contracting a disease. This could add depth to the game in that you could potentially harness a poison and deliver it via bow or some other thing (think defensive weaponry for bases… needles that give the raider some form of incapacitating or deadly disease).

Just a thought… what do you guys think? What kind of diseases could you contract in a game like this and what would the effect be on the player.

Note… STD’s hahahahaha yea we get it funny. Just want to go ahead and say that before the 12 year olds start posting.

I think it’s a great idea. Considering this is a survival game it would another thing you must survive. Imagine you have have a bacterial infection and you must gather various herbs to make medicine to heal yourself. I imagine any types of diseases that are in the game Pandemic could be in Rust. You could have diseases spread via air, water, food… idk seems pretty cool to me.

I’d be okay with dipping arrows in a poison to deal over time damage until fixed or just for some time for example.
While at that, fiery arrows created by using torch at arrows would be cool as well ;D, but you’d have only some low amount of time to shoot the arrows.

I wouldn’t really like a sickness that you get out of nowhere, just because you got cold at night.
Just saying.

Maybe the poison stays with you till you cure it? Like even if you die you still have the disease… Unless the disease itself kills you.

Could definitely add a bit of alchemy to the game which wouldn’t be bad at all.

Good idea, you could get bacteria poisoning when attacked by a mutant animal and if you kill the mutant you could lets say get poisoned blood from it and make poison from that somehow.

I can be of assistance if anyone needs some medical knowledge on this stuff.

For example, you can get poisoned and you would need to heal yourself for a while from that poison because you constantly lose health but after a while your body’s immune system cures itself and you become immune to that poison. And it would show up on a list of diseases you are immune to kind of like a blueprint for crafting. This is similar to what happens in real life.

sleep deprivation. if you play too long without sleeping in a bed you will start to hallucinate

sickness from cold

Rust, Don´t Starve mode.

Diarrhea. Shitting your pants in a fight setting your new white cloth trouser to brown. Stomach cramps just letting you move forward crouched…if you dont hurr and get your pants off…you will crap em.

I like the idea of diseases sounds wicked.

Could open a whole field of farminf of special plants,items etc… Good idea

STDs here we come.

Congratulations… You are the first person to fully admit to being 12 years old.




not that many stuff,just one.
the effect could give regeneration food(a good amount) and than lose health.

Why just one? The more shit you get to do, the better (if it’s not getting totally ridiculous).
There are many plants we are using since ages. Tobacco, hemp, mushrooms, DMT containing plants, coca… To name very few.

We should be able to harvest some of them. May it be just for laughs, to have some fun (tripping for some minutes). Wouldn’t it be some kind of unique game experience, if well done?
Plus, there are psychoactive plants/mushrooms all around the world. Every country got at least one psychoactive plant in it’s garden.

That being said: Yeah, I’d like diseases. Walking around with some poor clothes in winter? Too fucking bad, you got the flu some days after.
Also a difference between standing water and actual streams. Really some more survival features. Poisonous plants like poison oak or stinging nettles that will cause disadvantage and maybe major threats.
Makes you keep having an open eye, out in the wilderness.

Well, I want this game to be kinda cut-throat survival. With a dangerous nature/environment. You should be happy when seeing another player.

People would just store their items in their base and suicide to get rid of the disease.

That’s why I say it stays with them till cured or the disease itself kills them.

Another good idea, cure and desease. Maybe hit by poison weapon and than you need to find a cure with plants and alchemy stuff.