Disgaea Prinny

I have been obsessed with the game series disgaea recently, and i was hoping for a prinny model, which is the mascot for the series. I checked garrysmod.org but found nothing, so i was wondering if someone could possibly please make it for me. Here are some pictures of prinnys.
If someone would make this it would be greatly apriciated. It does not have to be the best model you can make, ill be happy as long as its like a prinny. Thank you in advance.

I remember some guy making a model of one years ago, but he abandoned and hasn’t been seen around here for a ridiculously long time, dood. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=596366&highlight=disgaea

Damn dood, i hate it when people never finish what they start, oh well, the model wasnt shaped the same as a prinny anyways.

Scary shit thar, matey.

Whats wrong with it dood?

Looks like an emotionless, plastic, rapist penguin with no legs and wings.

but prinnies are awesome, dood

They have peg legs and bat wings. Those count. They’re pretty much the disposable and explosive comic relief characters of the Disgaea series.

Oh fuck, I thought it was a main character.

They’re the main characters in their own spin-off game for the PSP. “Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?”

I know pwnedyourass and he gave up on 3d modeling in general.

Though i do have to admit that the Prinny would make a nice grenade replacement.

True, considering we explode and all dood

Why not make it by your self?



If i could make it myself i wouldnt be here asking now would i dood

this is a request forum for a reason, dood

Kinda funny that he doesnt even care that this is the requests forum

I support this, and a grenade replacement would be sweet.


I fucking love Prinnies, no lie. Dood.