Disguise Suitcase

So I was quite bored and wanted try to do some little stuff so I created a little disguise suitcase.

world look

The menu

Github Download

Whoever marked it as dumb is a fucking idiot…
It’s not dumb, if you don’t wanna use it or don’t like it, then just leave the thread.
Fucking miss use of ratings…

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Good job Icejjfish, I would recommend maybe changing up the model selection gui though!

That GUI tho


Better then most people can do though…

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It’s a start. He will get better with practice, I can’t even make a gui, so he is better then an average lua coder.

Good job! :slight_smile:

Well if he added a gui he should have at least made the alignment right. Derma is so recursive it makes it one of the easiest parts of gLua.

Anyways this addon seems fairly nice. Good job.

I rate dumb for that huge ass misplaced credit on that VGUI.

Just because he posted it on Facepunch doesn’t mean we all have to love it and rate it Lua King and praise him as our king. We’re allowed opinions.

I like the script however it’s the same thing as this on CH. Though I respect this work I think the VGUI could use some better work and you really don’t need a big ass credits on there. Other than that nice work.

I know I was thinking about removing it. I will do it right now.

Calm down, there’s no need to be overly defensive. I agree the dumb ratings are a bit discouraging and wrong (like really no addons truly dumb unless there’s absolutely no purpose to it??) but you need to calm down as well.

I really like your disguise suitcase but i think you have to delete the timer. When a player use the suitcase to change his playermodel, he has to stay in his new model until he goes back to his suitcase and “talk” to it. What do you think about that ? :slight_smile:

If it’s possible, i’ll use your suitcase on my server ! :slight_smile:

I’ll do that when I’m back home which will be in 3 days.

Oh that’s a really nice thing for me ! Thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty broken as far as any real use goes, Example if you open the menu in a multiplayer game the menu opens for everyone in the game.

First off, lol?

Second off, that’s easily fixed, just figure out where the function is that actually opens the menu, and set it to only open the menu for the local player who called it

Not saying it isn’t easy but not everyone else is familiar.

Guy got banned anyways, Later.

I’ve already fixed it.