Dishonored 1 and 2 char models


Is there any dishonored game models released?
Or some tips how to rip models myself from these?

Dishonored 1 models should still be around however the thread is probably really old, as for Dishonored 2 I am waiting for them as well and with the game done by Bethesda it shouldn’t be too hard to get the models soon.

Dishonored 2 wasn’t made by Bethesda, it was made by Arkane.

It runs on a modified idTech 5 engine, so it should be relatively easy-ish compared to a whole new engine.

Whoops got the developer and publisher mixed up. However with it running on idTech 5, may run into the same problems as the Doom thread on textures.

I thought that there might be something around, but i haven’t found anything. Only few models here and there.
They might be little old indeed, but still well made.

For idTech 5 texture extracting is already documented because of Wolfenstein, so it won’t be a complete shot in the dark extracting them, but it will still be time consuming and difficult.

Best case we can just use the TNO exporter, worst case it won’t work because Void Engine is a heavily(?) modded idTech 5.

Dishonored 2 runs on CryEngine, same as the new Prey game.

No it doesn’t.

Here is the direct source.

I have extracted all models from the first game. But can’t with the second game as my PC is too old and won’t run it.
You can find some of the models all on my deviant art page.

Not all of them are uploaded, but will be uploading more in the next couple of weeks or so :slight_smile: