Dishonored Models Release Thread[/t]

As you may guess, I’ll post here the scenebuild props I port from the game Dishonored™.

First release consists of a pack of random props such as:

-a dead whale
-a whaleship skybox model (it’s pretty big but only one half of the ship is modelled)
-a set of wall props
-a small City Watch guard booth
-a streetlamp (you’ll need to resize it with the Effect Resizer Tool with the XYZ value of 0.70)
-a building floor prop

**Screenshots : **


(the shaders on the guard booth have been updated, they were placeholder in the last screenshot)

Workshop coming soon

I would recommend using these characters with the props:
and these miscellaneous props ported by Fredrika :

If you don’t have SFM, download them with . To use them in Gmod, read the following steps :

1.Download this and this
2.In game, use the Crit glow tool on the SFM models you just spawned.
3.Right click on the green circle to remove the TF2 effect.
4.Grab the Advanced Bone Tool and right click on the model.
5.Click on the tool’s menu and you’ll see all the bones the model has, you can change the position or scale of each bone to your liking.

There’s one downside tho, you can’t use the Ignore tool on them after you have done all of this if you want to put a helmet on the head or a sword in the hand. The collision model will become absurdly large after you have followed all the steps mentionned, wich means you can’t move again the props you have put on the character if you want to change their position. Posing an entire character is extremly time consuming as well.


Bethesda and Arkane Studios for publishing and making the Dishonored Franchise
Me for porting, shaders 'n all that shiet

Let me know if I’ve made any mistake, these are my first ports and I’m looking forward to improve their quality and the next one’s.


fuck i guess i gotta make like 20 more dishonored pictures now


ok so guardbooth.mdl and spotlight_ramp.mdl are invisible in SFM and as far as I can see there is no floor prop unless you meant building01, which has no floor

Yeah those two are old broken models, I forgot to clean up my folder, the new versions are coming in the next pack. Also I meant floor as in “1st floor”, 2nd floor etc.

oh alright i gotcha[/t][t]

Coming soon with extra stuff.

If you want, I can toss you the entirety of Dishonored’s models, ported and compiled into Source, SFM-friendly.

The materials are generic, just literal translations of Umodel’s .mat files, EG just diffuse + normal with generic phong settings.

Could save you the trouble of dealing with the mesh and texture assignment, so all you have to worry about is prettying up the materials.

Jesus, that would be much appreciated, thanks alot man. Are they properly scaled too, ripped models are most of the time absurdly huge.

I believe so.

I can’t remember where I put the source files, but I do believe I scaled them appropriately. I tend to use generic male characters as my measuring metric, assuming they are 6 feet tall.

Note that, since they are already precompiled, they are in an existing file structure. So you’d have to work with that, especially since I think I deleted the source files (seeing as they were several GB).


AHA! I found my source files!

$scale 0.4

They are indeed scaled, and presumably, correctly!

Nice, I’m using the exact same scale.

oh woah nice job dude[/t][t][/t]

The first update is out :!scFWxIyD!-ivOsy-fgP3VKvRYJ810nnKLIkwNGJvhE0xKJcVhnn4

Here’s a pack including all the stuff I previously ported + alot more models I had laying on my PC for a long time. The new stuff mostly includes Dishonored 2 models (the smoothing on some props may be broken) and interior, prison and vegetation props from Dishonored 1, enjoy.[/t][t][/t]


good to see a lot more DH stuff being ported, Will go good with the dishonored chars im porting with proper materials

If you’re interested, I can get you the characters you want from Dishonored 2, it’s surprisingly easy.
Talking about materials, here’s some files that are needed to prevent having missing textures :!0c8jTCSK!-da-nSIVfTyV7tEL0y1No3d0RNK6KyNDVRwDU0eqXDY

put the folder in materials/models

New update, includes various props seen in Dunwall Tower, such as bookshelves, cupboards and busts :[/t][t]!MQlWVTiJ!JR7F6Dq0ixau-N-uYNOUETAspFmKFwkad4Fk7MDXAVA

Are you able to get dishonored 2 characters with original rigging? If so il be on board to do some stuff (but might want some stuff to play around with anyways to see the material set up for the game when original rigging is available to be extracted if it isnt already)

At the moment the tool I use to convert Dishonored 2’s model format doesn’t support bones so I can only extract the mesh.

Here’s a sample of models anyway, includes 2 characters with 6 heads:!1d8xgYxQ!crC9oPvzi2Dq_wMjx7SWRMtuFImb-lbPOplccJGhjnU

thanks, how do you convert the textures? they seem to be in a weird format

You need to open them in Photoshop with this plugin and save them in the format you want.