Disintegrating Corpses

Hopefully this request won’t be too hard to pull off. All I’m asking for is an addon which makes it so that, about 5 seconds or so after a NPC dies (is ragdolled), they will disintegrate with the effect of an enemy being killed by a combine ball shot from an AR2. This addon would work in a way similar to this addon: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=29053
Except instead of fading, they disintegrate with the combine ball death/super gravity gun/energy barrier effect.

Thanks in advance to anyone who gives ideas or contributes to the thread.

Well, Once an npc dies, There actuall physical hitbox and entity stays there for a bout 2 seconds before the npc entity is removed.

Example: If you use print(ents.FindByClass(“npc_*”)) after killing the only npc on the map, it will still print 1.

Im unsure how to disintegrate npcs AFTER they die, But its possible WHEN they die if you use DMG_DISSOLVE.

You can tell when they die using entity.GetMoveType. (It’s 0 when they’re dead)

You could use the cool new render stencil thingmabobers. I remember seeing BlackOps doing a nice teleport effect with it.

Thats a good plan.