Disintegration Swep

It probably already exists, if found please give me a link. Alright, so you know how when you use alternate fire on the AR2/Pulse Rifle it shoots a dark energy orb, and when the orb hits a person, the person disintegrates. (They turn all black, float upwards, sparkling edges and whatnot.)

I want this swep to shoot bullets that have the same effect. Not a lazor, or click and they disintegrate, I want it to actually shoot bullets, but the bullet’s impact is not rather damage but disintegration. Custom model would be nice, not required. I would really appreciate it if someone did something this simple. Or if someone gives me a link to one like this.

!!! And also, I’d like the swep to be a rifle, just with a delay of 0.5 meaning, you hold it down rather than constantly clicking. And fire sound could be the strider gun sound (not the strider lazor the strider machine gun).

These extra features don’t need to be added I’d just appreciate it if the primary fire was just disintegration, that’s all.