Disk write error when updating Rust

hey folks. I cannot install the new tiny update from steam. It keeps giving me a disk write error. The drive it is installing to has 386 gigs free. I tried restarting steam and rebooting the pc. I tried running steam as administrator as well. First time ive seen this in 6 months. Any suggestions?

You mean they’re out of prison? :quagmire:

Some malware or anti-malware program is for whatever reason causing this. Disable your av/am.

turns out it was something simple. it’s an external drive, it was still reporting a connection to the pc but I tried to run a scandisk and it spit out some odd errors. Reconnected external drive, problem solved.

actually that didnt work either.

It’s likely that your drive is starting to fail. Run some diagnostics on it. Here’s a list of some free tools. Good luck!


If you want a really good tool, SpinRite is the best. However, it’s very much not free ($89 US). I don’t regret buying it, but it’s not for everyone’s needs.

Sgt. Lumpy, is the Steam directory on the same drive as your Windows swap? I’d also do a scandisk (right-click on the drive > Properties > Tools tab > Disk check) and check the box for physical surface inspection, at the minimum. If it’s your OS drive, obviously, it’ll require a reboot so it can do it before Windows has fully loaded and is using the drive too often for diagnostics.

Drive was fine. After all that it turned out the update download was somehow corrupted and wouldn’t unpack. I deleted the download folder for rust to remove the update, restarted steam and it re downloaded the update and all is well.