Dismembering addon

Was watching a video on Youtube and saw a really good looking dismembering mod that actually showed the meat and such at the point of severing.

All the ones I’ve used either make the NCP go splat completely or the severing looks really weird with no blood.

Was wondering if anything better was available.

EDIT: Here’s the video.

Posting the video would help.

My mistake. I’ll post a link to it.

Eh, I posted a link to the video if anyone can tell me anything.

Might be part of super mod but I can’t find that anywhere.

If you mean the separate heads I think there was a pack with headless ragdolls and separate heads

Well that blows. we really need a dismemberment mod that doesn’t look completely fake.

i think gibsplat 2 is being made still. it’s supposed to be super realistic

That sounds good.

Dismember mods always act up, especially in multiplayer.