Dismemberment Mod 1.5

Dismemberment Mod

A mod that allows NPCs to be “gibbed” and add more realism to garrysmod
ORIGINAL MOD BY Ralle105 (my original plan was to fix the constant crashing but I got several requests to change other features :P)
Addon format conflicts with other mods, so I would stick to the old “copy and paste” method

*Improved Sound
*Fixed rediculously long spraying distances
*Fattened up blood_spurt
*Partially fixed blood_spurt angling disappearances
*Enhanced spraying blood by a lot
*New “Poof”
*Actually drips from ceiling
*More Blood
*Forming Blood Decals
*New Sound FX
*New Blood Spurt Effect
*Less Blood
*Darkened Ceiling Blood
*Blood doesn’t shoot quite as far
*New Blood Decal
*Blood Doesn’t Drip, It Sprays
*Fixed Invisible Alien Blood
*Increased “blood drip” (give that spray effect)
*Tripled blood stay time
*Melon Bug fixed (even though source already should have)
*Fixed Invisible Human Blood
*New blood texture, show off “chunkyness”
*Doubled blood stay time
*Realism increased
*Reduced blood (give realism)
*Less “moving” particles
*Quadrupled blood stay time
*Frame Rate issues a major fix


The Most Awesome Slaughter Map from Swerik

Yay. When will there be the option of detatchable limbs?


Also, why do you always call it, “CMasta’s Dismemberment Mod”? I thought you didn’t make this.

I added very little code, but it enhanced the effects a great deal

Explaining what this is at all in your post would be a good idea.

But you told us not to credit you, only RamlayH.

It’s goremod.

Why did you rip this mod off and claim it as your own? Thief!
I don’t see anything new. It just looks like you sprayed blood with the paint tool then just took pictures and called your work.
From both two pictures. It looked like that. I don’t see any “Dipping blood” on breen’s.

Did you know, when you cut off A limb it doesn’t just spray all out at once? It shoots out every time your heart beats. Yep.

Oh P.S. that’s not paint, that is an actual effect of the mod

Cmasta, I had V1.4,I did every thing correct and the mod got deleted.

Ramlayh here, you never asked me for permission CMasta, although I like your work so I won’t flame at you.

Also: 3/4 OF THE CODE?!:raise:


Oooh, sarcasm. He he:downs:

CMasta, you need to calm down, I was only asking a question, you took it the wrong way.

Haha i’m fucking with you, if people honestly think this mod is “stolen” don’t download it… but it’s there to download!

P.S. how do you get those yellow download boxes on the forum?


It’s not working for me, only the blood shows up.

it isn’t for me too
I check keep corpses
spawn elite soldier
shoot his head with magnum, and the only thing show up is standard blood from the shot

and I did put it in garrysmod folder.

You don’t put IT in the garrysmod folder, you put data and lua in the garrysmod folder

Is it meant to look like you used an automatic deflator tool?

so, does this also still have the blood pool forming thing? if so Could you make one with out that.

It doesn’t work. I took the two folders inside Cmastas dismemberment mod and put them in garrysmod/garrysmod.

but he’s dead so his heart can’t beat