Dismemberment Mod 1.9 bone_matrix

Hey guys!

Sorry if there’s already a thread about this, but I rly need help.
I have Dismemberment Mod 1.9 downloaded from garrysmod.org. But I’m having this strange error (copied jsut like the console):

“…memberment mod 1.9\lua\autorun\client\cl_goremod.lua:10: attempt to index local ‘bone_matrix’ (a nil value)”.

I can’t understand this error cause I’m not a LUA programmer or something like that :confused:

Can you guys tell what’s wrong? Cause this error keep repeating and is rly anoying.

Regards, borba_gustavo.

I get this error too, didnt garry make a update that increaded the max bones in ragdolls or something?

Hey guys, Any way to fix it? Cause it is really boring to have that error spam on the screen.

Guys, sorry for bumping this thread, but this message won’t go away, I just start killing the ragdoll and I get this error!

You cant fix it mate. just let it be

Serious? There isn’t no way to some programmer get the code and fix it?

Gmod update broke it…
we gotta w8 for a new version…

use gibsplat 1.5 it never disconnects and no errors