Dismemberment mod 1.9 help (goremod_enabled 1 not working)

When I type goremod_enabled 1 in the console, nothing happens, am I doing anything wrong?

When I installed it, I copied ALL of the folders in the Mod folder to my root folder, but still nothing.

you need to have keep corpses enabled in the NPCs tab.

Done that too.
Still nothing.

It won’t work on multiplayer because as far as I know you can’t keep corpses online.

I think you might need sv_cheats on to enable it, thats what I had to do.

i have the same problem: sv_cheats are enabled, “KEEP CORPSES” are enabled, but when i type “goremod_enabled 1” nothing happens and mod is not working :frowning:

UPD: Everything works fine now! Thanks!