Dismemberment Mod 1.9

I’m not sure if there is another thread like this, but I am having trouble with the dismemberment mod 1.9. It plainly does not work. I’ve extracted it with winzip and pasted the extracted folder into garrysmod\garrysmod\addons. It doesn’t work. I’ve tried ripping up ragdolls with the phsygun and every weapon I could find. I don’t hear the sounds either. Can anyone help me with this?

P.S. I am using garry’s mod 10.

There’s a console command to enable it, I think.


I think the console command was enable_goremod

what’s a console command??

Uninstall dude.

Escape menu > Options > Keyboard > Advanced Options >

Then click Activate Console(~)

After that hit the ~ key.

Then type the command.

When i push the ~ the console wont come up.

Then you fail, That was a nicely Detailed instruction of how to.

either way that should go in the Help&Support section…

I dont have those english keyboards, im from Sweden you see. The keyboards aint the same.


Ok i got it, had to type bind “key” enableconsole or sumthing or i dont close the console

Did you click keep corpses in npc menu on the bottom?

I know this is a really late post.
But im just trying to help becuase couldnt find it anywhere.

“goremod_enabled 1” for enable in console

“goremod_enabled 0” for disable in console

i Know im late but that didnt work, i even got the fix for it and it still doasnt work pleas help

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