Dismemberment mod glitch

I have dismemberment mod v2.1 This is actually good because it stopped my “disconnected” errors. However I get an error in the console that says “Dismemberment mod is trying to find bone index, a NULL value”. It repeats this several times and then all the props on the maps models and textures dissappear, yet they are still physically there. Is there a solution?

Delete Dismemberment mod?

Verify your game cache

This doesn’t even happen in the beta. Pirate.

Get rid of dismemberment mod.
Check for conflicting addons.

This isn’t really one of the most common pointers when it comes to gmod pirates. Good to have an expert on this, otherwise we’d be stuck trying to fix the problem instead. :slight_smile:

I’m not a pirate and I’m not talking about the beta.

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I didn’t pirate the game, let me point out the person who said I did recommended someone pirate gmod in another thread. So they’re not credible, I can prove I bought it. Here’s proof, also I’m not using the beta, I’m using gmod 12. I blacked out my username so you don’t find my account but I have this thread open to show it’s my picture. Like I said, if you took a second you’d realise that ponies is a self admitted pirate. :

So yes my Garry’smod is legit.

I was being sarcastic, but thanks.
The guy that said you were a pirate is just some dumbass who decided to post that.

Hmm. Well sarcasm doesn’t translate well into text.

Considering I already gave you some pointers for troubleshooting, it should be rather obvious I’m not accusing you of piracy…