Dismemberment mod (pac0)

this is the Thread for my Upload Dismemberment mod 2.0

Here you can find them


put into Addon

remove any other dismemberment mod (else it maybe dont work)


Garry’s mod i only tested on GMod 10


Deathfix inclued
More hard to dismember an human no standar weapon dismember NPC
cityzens cant be dismembered (idk why)
You can be dismembered

Credit to Cmasta for 99% and 1% to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Plz leave me comment :stuck_out_tongue:

(User was banned for this post ("Thief" - Jaanus))

That’s some drastically changed shit to omit a 2.0 label.

Thanks for asking for permission, fuck you.

Well this thread is embarassing.

pac0master, please do us a favor and just go suck someones salty testicles, kthxbai.

0% credit to you.

Great thread.

you get


Should have been perma’d, I get this all the time with my work.