Dismememberment mod PROBLEM!!!

Really really sorry to bother but i wanted to say that CMASTAS DISMEMBERMENT MOD (any version) DOESNT WORK IN MY GMOD 10!!!

You see when i try to type goremod_enable 1 to my console it says “unknown command” and i have tried every version of DM but nothing happens

-Computer is Vista Basic 2 gb ram
-Obviously its GMOD 10 and i cant tick “keep corpses” so i dont know about that
-I dont know do i have to type goremod_enable 1 or goremod_enabled 1

Just saying that Ragdoll slaughter map v1 works v3 doesnt!

Please help me with this problem i really want to use dismemberment mod and im sorry for my bad english im estonian!!!

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - mahalis))

Here are some nice ideas.

  1. Post in the mod forum.
  2. Did you check the gmod folder to see if it installed properly?
  3. It messes up alot of servers anyways. Don’t use it.