Disney Haunted Mansion Map Project

If you have ever been to Disney World, then you will probably know about the Haunted Mansion. It has been one of my favorite rides ever since i was a little kid. So i thought it would be a good idea to try to make a map of this ride, without it being a total lag fest. So what if we could organize a team to make it. we need some people on textures, models, ragdolls, sound, and the general map itself.

a good site with some pictures is

note about the ride, the stretch room is an elevator, and leads under ground to the real building in back.


Video of haunted mansion.

keep looking around for better videos and post them if possible.

I fee****l that whenever you complete this, fun will be had on lots of the servers on Gmod. Good luck.

What’s up with the bolding?

Sounds awesome! (I also love that ride :D)

If this map is completed, I will love you until the day you die. And then some.

yea i won’t be able to do it by myself though so i need some help. Any Volunteers?

Well I’m reading a book on Blender… (Best (and also free) 3D modeling program) but I’m not very far yet but if i finish soon sure.

Did anyone get the any volunteers thing?
like in the haunted mansion ride?
“there’s 999 happy haunts here in the haunted mansion, but there’s room for a Thousand. Any Volunteers?”

Making a moving object that follows a certain path is pretty easy. But making a coaster model in Hammer…yikes

It’s not a roller coaster. Look up in first post and click on link to Doom buggies. it will explain it.

I hope there isn’t a full moon coming up soon.

Well i wanna help but i still do not know how to get hammer cooperate with garry’s mod and i lost my site with all the help.


You should do the halloween/christmas version that was awesome.