Disney INFINITY models in GMod?

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Would Disney INFINITY models for GMod be possible? I know for a fact that there’s a PC version and I was curious if its models could be converted into Source from that.

The PC version can be downloaded here if you have a Disney Interactive account and have linked it to a console version of Disney INFINITY.

Do you have the game installed its most certainly possible to get the models screenshot me the games exe location

For me, it’s in “C:/Program Files (x86)/Disney Interactive/Disney Infinity Toy Box”

yes take a picture of the game directory where the executable is

The models are in the same format as the console version. .MTB/.OCT and with .TBody textures. I don’t think they’ve been decrypted or whatever yet.

I don’t know entirely what you mean by that… is that what you’re looking for?

Disney Infinity models can be extracted via Ninja Ripper, but unless you’ve bought the character, it’s hard to get that model.

It’s better to see if anyone here can decompile the vbuf/ibuf format the models use. Here’s an example.

The .tbody textures use .DDS headers, so renaming them simply to .dds opens them up in Irfanview for me.

MarioKart64N wrote a script for Toy Story 3 vbuf/ibuf, but it doesn’t work on these models from the same developer.

If anyone can look into it, that’d be much appreciated.

I’ll take a look
.vbuf files are the vertex buffer with all the verticies
.ibuf are the facelist indicies

If someone gets me an Intel GPA shader dump I could whip up a tool maybe but right now I’m busy with something else
nothing thats not known but will take some time for who ever is interested in writing a tool/script for it

I’ll probably have a look aswell, didnt know it was out for pc

I sure hope the models get ripped. some models are quite interesting.

If it helps, here’s the Toy Story 3 MAXScript by MarioKart64N.

What’s an Intel GPA Shader Dump? (sorry for the stupid question)

ok that will be useful a shader dump is pretty much the assembly code that the GPU reads to shade model or pixel. It looks something like this.

models are very easy.


https://www.mediafire.com/folder/33o13wh95pqid/Disney Infinity

like cra0 said, the models : *.ibuf are indices buffer and .*vbuf are vertex buffer

all textures *.tbody are dds files (rename the extension *.tbody to *.dds)

now, for obtain models just open a ibuf in hex editor and paste up the all data the content from vbuff, then with hex2obj try to convert the meshes
(VB Size = 24 UV pos = 12 all in HF_UV )



sorry , The english isn’t my native language :smile:


I don’t know how to create automatic tools , but cra0 is expert :wink:

Note: obtain models is possible, but port this models into gmod without a copyright reclamation from disney is the problem XD

great work, man. Hopefully an automatic tool comes soon since I just tried Hex2Obj and quite frankly have no idea what I’m doing, lol.

ok then ill whip up a tool tomorrow :dance:

If someone can upload more example files that would be great

A big thanks to Gamerman12 for the shader dump!! +1


Got bored and didn’t want to sleep, so I retopologized the model he converted :smiley:


If we get the bones for this, I’m gonna remap the rigging and convert this to sfm

That looks aamzing. How long did it take you to do that?

2-3 hours. I had Tangled playing in the background so it seemed to go by faster :v:
speaking of which:


She’s missing her flowers and the little frillies on the bottom of her dress/sleeves/collar because the mesh needs to be re-uv’d in those areas

Tools first pass done for now

You can enjoy the glorry of bones later

Since I’m just reading directly from the vert pool you need to re-apply the materials manually to the model so going into sub-object mode selecting the object part and dragging and dropping the material for what ever authoring tool you’re using.


I’ll release it soon then work on bones some other time

Neat! I’d love Davy Jones for SFM

Anyone up for doing it?