Disney/Pixar Cars series Models

Anybody want some character models from the Disney Cars video games?

Cars: Barry, Boost, DJ, Doc, El Guapo, Fletcher, Gerald, Lenny, Lightning, Mater, Mia, Papo, Sally, Snot Rod, Sonny, Tia, Vince, Wingo

Mater-National: Emma, Giovanni, Gudmund, Koji, Otto, Phillip, Yuri

Race-O-Rama: Doc Pitty, Doc Students, Kabuto, Beach McQueen, Offroad McQueen, Speedway McQueen, Street McQueen, Candice, Chick Pitty, Chick Students, El Machismo, MotorCo Pitty, Stinger, Ultimate Chick, VIN Racer

Cars 2: Mater, Racer Holley, Tomber, Union Jack Finn, Chuki, Acer, Grem, Hugo, Trunkov, Young Prof Z, Carbon McQueen, Carla, Jeff, Max, Midnight Francsco, Miguel, Nigel, Raoul, Shu

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