Displacement Help

I’m trying to make a simple hilly map. I’ve broken down the map into smaller brushes, ones suitable for making displacements out of. I understand the basics about them, but I can’t seem to get them to work right. How do you get two adjacent displacements to match up? If I select them both and edit them together, they don’t nearly match. If I try to keep them even on their own, they just start forming sharp planes.

How do you edit them properly then?

Are you asking how to get them to sew together?


I’m bad at secrets.

Sort of. Sometimes little gaps appear next too displacements where you can see underneath it.

Press the sew button in the displacement tab. Make sure the two displacements are at least the same width and length, or one is half of the other. They have to be on the same height level too I think.

Here’s the other problem I’ve been having.


When you create your displacements, be sure to only select the top face of the brush.

How do I remove what I have and then start over then? Last time I tried to delete a displacement it left a bunch of crap behind.

Also make sure they’re the same size.

Select them and click destroy to erase what you’ve got now. Then go on the displacement tab and select only the top faces of the brush and create.

Make sure you only select the top face, and that the spatial tab is checked in paint geometry.

Or you could just highlight every other side besides the top, and click destroy. Removes the sides and bottom but keeps your displacements. Might take a bit longer though.

Make absolutely sure that your brushes share a common edge. If your side lengths are different (i.e. a square against the long side of a rectangle) the displacements won’t flow together.