Displacement lighting bug

The problem is that displacements in the map using different textures have far different lighting…


Only make the visible faces displacements, and make sure they are sewn+compiling on full

mine is worse, btw the problem in my map, I selected the whole block, select the face u want to be displacement :P,


Don’t use power of four and, you made all the brush faces a displacement resulting in a error.

I’ve got a similar issue… Brush on the right is a displacement, brush on the left is a world brush.


As much as I try to tweak the lightmap, it refuses to tweak. I can’t do alt + right click or just right click. Both of them just ignore me. (While in Lightmap mode + Face Edit Sheet)

Oh I wasn’t compiling on full, maybe that’ll help. Also, I know very well to not to make all sides of a brush into displacements :slight_smile:

Damn! compiled on full, displacements all sewn, there were never any brushes where every side was a displacement, no powers of 4, working water, and still the shadowing just completely changes when it hits a displacement with a different texture than the one next to it :confused: