Displacement Paint Alpha Tool not working

Hi all,

I’ve encountered a problem with the paint alpha displacement tool. It does not seem to work at all - when I try to use it and left/right click on the vertices of a displacement with a blend texture, nothing happens. I’m completely baffled as to why this is happening.

I also notice that I cannot choose any brushes in the paint alpha tool. Could this be the problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really can’t make any maps until I get this issue sorted.

Is it a custom material? if it is can you post the vmt? Have you looked into the sculpt menu and blends button?

I’m pretty sure it isn’t a custom material. It’s the nature/blendrockgroundwall003 one. But this problem happens with every blend texture I try.

What’s your camera mode set to? Alpha blends won’t appear at all if it’s “3D Shaded Textured Polygons”.

How do you check camera mode?

In each of the 4 windows, they should say Top Side Front or something like that, just click those words themselves.

Ok, well, I’m pretty sure the camera is set to ‘3D Textured’, not ‘3D Shaded Textured Polygons’.


Delete and reinstall.

I was afraid of that. Will I have to uninstall all of SFM along with Hammer, or is it possible for me to just uninstall/reinstall Hammer on its own?

If I do have to uninstall all of SFM as well, how will this affect my project files (DMX format)? I keep backups on an external hard-drive, but will all the model pathways and animations be completely broken and render my current projects useless?

Delete the “SourceSDK” folder in “Common” manually and validate the SDK. Check the folder for stuff to backup.

Sorry, what exactly do you mean?

Go to \Steam\SteamApps\common and delete the folder SourceSDK. Then launch the SDK.

There’s no ‘SourceSDK’ folder in ‘common’, there is only ‘SourceFilmmaker’. Is that the one you mean?

I’ve also been told that I instead "…have to uninstall from steam. right clicking on sfm and deleting local files.

I would suggest though to save back ups of your usermod, workshop and any other custom content just to be safe."

Would this method also be ok for preserving my usermod and workshop folders? Because I want to be able to load up my movie projects (which make use of custom models) when I reinstall SFM (and Hammer) and have them work.

SFM is Source Filmmaker, Source SDK is the Source Software Development Kit. Those are two entirely different programs. Right click on Source SDK in Steam and click “Delete Local Content”.

Well, I uninstalled and reinstalled SFM (and Hammer). The programs seem to be running ok, like before.

However, I still can’t use the paint alpha displacement tool in Hammer. And I still can’t select a brush in the paint alpha tool, which I suspect is the problem. Any ideas?


Did you reinstall Source SDK?

I think sonosublime is using the Hammer Editor that is packaged with Source Filmmaker, not the one with Source SDK. This is what I am using and I have similar symptoms. It looks the same as the screenshot and if I try to manipulate the displacement’s alpha blend in any way, the entire editor crashes.

This. I am using the Hammer that comes with SFM. However, I don’t usually have the program crash on me when I try to use the paint alpha tool, although it has happened once, a while ago.