Displacement water?

Is it possible to make water a displacement, but still have it function as water? I mean, there would be no practical use for this of course, but I still want to know.

Not quite sure, but you could make an animated texture on that, that looks like water. But it can’t function like water. You also can’t move it like water (moving displacements) because it can’t work with a path_track.

Try it and see.

There isn’t a way.

This is not going to end well…


You could apply a texture to make it look like water, and set the collision to none.

expensive water textures wont work.

Do what “the ship” dev team did and make an animated model or w/e of water and give it’s material all the features of normal water brushes that you can.

Of course that’s no good if you plan to swim in it, but otherwise it’s a decent choice.

I’m noticing a few people aren’t to keen on this idea, it was just a question really, I never intended on actually applying the idea to any map.

We’re not keen on it because it won’t work

It sucks that this can’t be done because I remember GoldSrc having animated displacements as water…

It didn’t have the expensive water though. The problem is rendering expensive water on more than one plane normal in one PVS.

K so I tried it and the water simply doesn’t show up. Happens with both expensive water and dx7 water

Technically there is, if you mash a bunch of brushes clipped like a displacement (Like the good ol days on the gold engine) but directly making a displacement? nope.

They’re not keen because to mappers it’s like saying “Would god give me free shit if I prayed for it while on the crapper?” on a religious forum.


i have used clipping tool to make displaced water many times, that’s the only thing that works