Displacement with "grass"

Im trying to make my own grass material (displacemt), and I need some grass that pops up from the texture, like in many other nature textures from half life 2.
I dont know how to do this, so i tried to find some materials from the source materials gcf file, but they dont exist…
Can someone tell me how to do this? (make gras in 3d)

Go to Valve Developer Community Wiki -> Search “grass” -> click on the only page title match: “Displacement Grass”

Is this what you’re looking for?

Alternatively you could have just googled “hammer displacement with grass”, and that same page is the second result

Is it possible to do this without a prop?

They aren’t ‘props’ as you think of them. They place themselves meaning very little effort from you other than using a texture with them on it, and they cost almost nothing in rendering. As far as I know anyway.

They do appearantly. There is a limit in detail props.

Yes. There is a limit in detail props and will happen when you compile.

However, they are fairly cheap to render in-engine.

Why would they limit it?

Because everything in-engine has a limit, in source it does anyways. Also, detail props aren’t cheap if you’re rendering a lot of them like with normal case scenarios (maps like the old gm_construct etc) where the grass is full of them. Could impact fps on slower computers, I know it did for me when I had my 8800GTS + AMD Athlon setup.

I remember having to figure out detail.vbsp on my own way back when I started making the map below. VDC didn’t have any information on detail.vbsp, other than it “existed”.

If you set them to fade properly and don’t set the density to something absurd, they barely cause any frame rate loss.


I had a field map, and they did not lag, however, i increased the fade distance and my god… they lag like anythin when there is loads. - do what gigabite says

Yeah, the detail.vbsp cull was what broke a few of the textures, the VDC doesn’t say anything about it, but it is actually what processes the detail props.