Displacements- Advance Stuff

how can i make this, any tutorials?
i can only make mountains and stuff, but how’s this:




tnx in advance

cylinders, make the basic shape, the displace them.

Cubes, make the basic shape, then…

carefully adjust vertices with the paint geometry tool. You may want to start with a low distance and a large radius to get the right general shape, then move to an even lower distance with a low radius to get all the details.

If you want really detailed cliffs like that, you are most likely going to have to use a lot of brushes before turning them into displacements

Top arch could be made from 5 1024x1024x1024 cubes in a lower case n arrangement, select and displace all the outside faces, then subdivide, then carefully paint geometry on it.

hmmm this doesnt look similar in my first picture, 1st post

Looks fine to me.

You’d be better off with a model me-thinks.

A model would be more computer friendly than a big displacement ^

And i can be LOD’d for older computers. (EG. The average 10 year old Gmod player)