Displacements and Portal

Is there any right way to do displacements in Portal? Me and a friend are working on a Portal mod, and every displacement results in getting stuck and crashing. Help us out? We’ve tried the following:

Normal displacement making
Compiling the map for HL2 then putting it in the mod

I know there is a way to create working displacements that don’t get the player stuck, but how?

Are you func_detailing the displacements?

I really hope you’re not trying to turn the displacements into props with propper.

Its supported.

Dear lord, why on earth would you want to do that? Displacements are far cheaper to render than model based terrain. You also lose blend textures, sprite based grass and other things.



We don’t need grass in a snowy environment.

Still back to my original point, displacements are far cheaper to render and unless Portal removed the displacement system (highly unlikely) then what you’re doing is dumb, redundant and causes a much bigger performance impact.

Really, it is? I thought displacements couldn’t be turned into models with Propper.

goes to try it out

It’s nearly as dumb as proppering everything in your map.

give me the map, it works fine with me.

durr hurr sowie firegod it dont work :PP durr

It would’ve been sweet as fuck if it had though, cause displacements aren’t only useful for terrain, but for making complex high-poly shapes that making with brushes would be cumbersome… then again, there’s blender.

Hell no. Why would we work on “the most popular Portal mod so far (it got 100 watchers in 2 days)” just to give away pre-alpha content to some random guy over the internet?

Someone just tell how to create a proper (not Propper) displacement in Portal so we can make the map. I’ve seen displacements before in Portal maps, so I know it wasn’t a removed feature.


Not a very helpful post is it?

Next time don’t post at all.

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Make a block, select the top face in the face selection tool, go to the displacement tab and start messing with the geometry.


You should take your own advice.

Yeah, we kind of got past that step 5 days ago. The problem is, stepping on them causes the player to get stuck, then fall through and crash.

Also, Mishappp, how about you don’t use my images, kay? Kay. Those people already told you how to get the stupid gas can from Left 4 Dead and you thought they weren’t helping. So stop being a baby about it.

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I posted in a request section not a help and support section I haven’t the slightest idea how to get the model out of left 4 dead I never said they weren’t helping and just because you found the picture on the internet and uploaded does not mean its yours.

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No, actually, I made that image.