Displacements are completely fullbright, rest of the map is normal.


VVIS was compiled with -fast and -nosort and all other programs were compiled normally, with no command line options.
The compile took 5 minutes and 36 seconds

The texture is custom, and the vmt looks like this:

"$basetexture" "elpis/MoonSoilCratersTracks_Dif"
"$basetexture2" "elpis/Access_MoonSand"
"$surfaceprop" "dirt"
"$surfaceprop2" "snow"

Elsewhere in the map, there’s another displacement with a different custom texture with the same problem

   "$basetexture" "elpis/Access_MoonSand"
   "$surfaceprop" "snow"

compile log

On previous map compiles, this error has not been present, and I haven’t changed anything in the vmt or anything with the displacements

Try a full compile