Displacements are see through???

Sometimes you can see through the displacements but not all the time. I checked my compile log and there were no errors, I even ran it though the interlopers compile log checker. Any ideas why?

That’s rather strange… But does the collision still work at all time?
Maybe change the texture to see if that fixes it. Else try remaking the brush (Do a backup of the old one for reference) and see if that helps.

Do you happen to have $translucent in the .vmt?

Okay i’ll try changing the texture, these are custom textures so it could be the case.


Yep that’s it, face meet palm. Thanks.

Why would you have $translucent in an obviously non-translucent texture? v:v:v

For some reason the “Create VMT” command in VTFEdit automatically checks off the “$translucent” option and people sometimes forget to un-check it.

This, and this was that sometime.

Please, please share those sexy textures :3:

I’m still editing them to make them perfect, you can have them afterward, just look for them in the pimpage thread.

Agree. They look brilliant.