Displacements aren't solid?

I’m trying to make some big rocks. However, the brushes don’t seem to collide with the player or a vehicle.

(that’s me inside one of them)

Any clue what might be the problem or how I fix it? The map seems to compile correctly, no leaks.

add the command line -novirtualmesh, or use the OB engine

It could be because the vehicle and the spawn are slightly inside the displacements.

I had a similar problem with my NPCs falling through my map when I spawned, because the collision model was inside the world.

Thanks, I’ll see if that works. However, I want to make my map accessible to first-time Gmod players. If I use the OB Engine, do I run the risk of unknowingly using Ep2 materials/models/sounds and messing up the map?

Yes, but most people have EP2.

If you don’t own EP2, you won’t see the textures you can’t use anyway.

Use pakrat.

It’s illegal since it’s Episode 2’s textures.

Someone released a map with episode 2 content pakratted into it and it got on the front page garrysmod.com.

No one cares if it’s illegal.

If these textures are custom, I had exactly the same problem, falling through them, some parts of the displacements invisible etc.

This is how i fixed it:

My guess is that VTFedit is used to create the VTF files.
VTF edit always has the Translucent checkbox checked when you want to create a VMT file.

Uncheck it before creating a VMT file. Or open the VMT file in notepad and remove the > “$translucent” 1 < line.