Displacements Shadow Bug?

Hi, I’ve got a really annoying shadow bug with my displacements, was wondering if you guys could help me out.

I’m compiling in the GO SDK, if you couldn’t already tell. All non-visible faces have been destroyed, lightmaps are set to 2, and smoothing groups are all set. I don’t know what else could be causing them. And don’t even comment on the horrible dustclouds, they’re just placeholders lol.

Any ideas?

2 is a pretty damn low for your luxels. Did the problem arise with a higher lightmap count? Like say 4 or 16?

Yes, unfortunately. I tried everything from 2, 4, 8, and 16. The issue reminds me of the bug that happens with the weird shadows that you get when you have a light that turns off and on. Issue is the only light I have is the light_environment.


Here’s another quick screenie of a bigger area.

I’m going off on a whim here, but buy the look of where those errors are at and from the looks of it, I would play with the light_environments angle. Always worth the shot imo.

Like Richard Simmons says it could be to do with light_environments angles, but if you want more defuse shadows higher lightmap scale of 64 would help plus try added a shadow control entity, with that you can change the shadow colour so its not black and other properties

Is this a fast compile? Try compiling with -final and see if the bug goes away.

Also please use the question megathread for your future questions.

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A shadow_controll entity only affects dynamic shadows, not static ones.

So I tried messing around with it, nothing really worked. I tried making some other displacements and the problem persisted.

Is it possible that the new lighting mechanics in CS:GO just can’t handle complex displacements anymore?

Edit: Here’s a picture where there is no environmental lighting, just a closed off room.