Displacements: why do people dislike them?

So, I was talking to a few FP mappers via PM as well as a few TF2 mappers on TF2maps.net, and it seems that the general consensus is that displacements suck although they are widely used.

Why is this? I personally love them to death, and I can not think of any viable replacement.

They are more of a bitch to edit

Well, what could I use instead? I find them relatively easy, and have made large rock walls and hills with them in a matter of minutes.

People hate displacements? Since when?

They few mappers I talked to did, and the map requests sections small description implies thta they are bad as well.

I would like them, if they didn’t break so easily resulting in a missing floor.

Source makes a habit of not recalculating texture position and just stretches it instead. Gets rather annoying when you try to make a displacement for something large, and end up with messy stretchy horrible looking textures. (EG: Mountains)

I still love them though.

No, they’re just not used in VVIS so they create leaks.

If they work right, displacements are awesome, but if not, it gets quite annoying.

The only thing I hate about them is that it takes a long time aligning two different displacements together.

They’re also not the best for performance. They have no level of detail, so using highly detailed displacements in large quantities (i.e. very large open map with lots of smooth hills) can be strenuous on the engine.

Other than that, they’re a pretty solid terrain system.

Actually they are less expensive than brushes to render.
However, when you use them improperly, they can cause lag, but anything can lag when used improperly

More like less than a second.

I personally love them, if you know what you are doing you can turn a block into a sex. :fuckyou:

Because they never fucking work right with lighting. Other than that they’re an adequate system.

They’re the easiest solution and they give the best results. You just have to put the work in.




The thing that bugs me is the thing with displacement scales. Everything has to be equal in terms of size, and the displacement scale has to be right as well otherwise it can be a bitch to get displacements to go well next to each other.

Same, at the moment, the map I’m making the tighter the corners get the more of a bitch it’s becoming.

Patch meshes, like the Quake engine now uses. Much more useful.

Also as already mentioned displacements can be hateful when it comes to shadows on them.