Display case

I wanted to know if it is possible to make a display case like this:

But i want the back part to open up( like a slider of some sort).

If this isnt possible then just leave the back open to put stuff in.

I’m pretty sure Source already carries a model like this.

You couldn’t have it sliding but it could be ragdolled to rotate open, but leaving it open is probberly easiest.

Yea i’m pretty sure theres a model in L4D2 exactly like that.

Anyone mind giving me the directory because saying “there is a model” doesn’t really help me. >.<

I’d put my bet on the mall content.

I would but i can’t find it ^^ I just know there is a few of them in the gun shop in the first campaign.

Oh, I know about that but I don’t know how to port them. >.<


+Mount Left4Dead2 or copy materials and models in to an addon folder.

+Start garry’s mod and find the folder with props from the mall.


Linking actual models from the game would be illegal because it’s a source game.