Display Driver Stopped Working

My video card is 3gb AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series. Only thing game crashes for me. I would play for some 5-15 minutes before my game crashes. My screens go black for a good 20 seconds and driver recovers and the game engine crashes. I’ve tried reinstalling, clearing cache and all that jazz but nothing has helped me. Looked around on forums but the search function is pretty vast for the facepunch forum. Found some other forums with the same issues with AMD cards and none of their recommended fixes work for me. Stuff like disabling grass textures. This was crashing before the update and after the update. If anyone has any solutions that would be great.

What is the Wattage on your Power Supply?

Pretty decent. 850 Watts is more than I need. Power supply is not the issue here. I don’t get this from any other game. I can run anything at maximum settings without even dropping down from 60 fps.

Dang, was hoping for an easy win. Lower settings, resolution, refresh rate. See if card and windows have same settings.

Edit: Nevermind, I see that you’ve tried this already. I am sorry :/. The only thing you can do is try to open a bug report on the bug tracker and post your crash logs.

There are known issues with the grass on AMD cards. The new update to the grass might have worsened them.

Try the following:

Open your in-game console (F1) and enter “grass.on false” (no quotation marks).

I don’t think my settings matter :s My graphic card can definitely handle at least 10 of these games at the same time.

If you read my first post, removing grass textures didn’t work.

Piccolo It’s very weird…I usually get that error when I play Counter strike source but any other game I play I never ever get that Error.