Display FPS, console command

I saw an image of someone having an FPS indicator in the top left corner in RUST. Pretty sure it wasnt FRAPS but actually in game. Anyone know the commands to this?


I use http://www.razerzone.com/gamebooster which has a option to display it. It also helps performance too.

I use MSI Afterburner and HWinfo to get something like this:

I have MSI Afterburner so im gonna check that out. Thanks.

I just found a guide here, maybe you can use that:

as it would be to confusing for me to make one, I just messed around with it till I got the info, good luck.

i dont trust using 3rd party programs (especially gamebooster… which really is useless. FYI - if gamebooster helps your pc, you have too much junk running the background - thats all it does)

It would be nice to add this feature to the game

There is an in-game command, and it shows your framerate every 5 seconds. I cannot recall the command but it exists

global.fpslog 5
global.logprint True

but it only shows in the console.

so, its 1/2 way there…