Displaying DarkRP tags on a custom chat

How would I got about doing that?
As in (OOC), (PM) and so on?
Also I’m not sure if it’s already included into any chat as long as you’re running DarkRP but local chat and so on?

Well what you could do is create a file that grabs the darkRP job, then what it does is using a “OnPlayerChat” hook add the job before their name, like so.

[lua]chat.AddText( Color( 244, 164, 96 ), tag, teamcolor, playername, Color( 255, 255, 255 ), ": ", strText )[/lua]

That’s from the code I use to detect if someone has {SimPar} in their name, and if they do then it colors it, but keeps everything else the same.

If I understood you right it creates a tag with the job correct?
If yes then it’s not really what I am looking for, in darkrp there are two types of chat, local where people in a specific radius can hear you and OOC, everyone can hear you. If it’s in OOC there’s a tag before the players name saying it’s OOC, so trying to add that into the chat.

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Here’s my code if it’ll help

So I apologize if I misread, what you’re trying to do is add their job in only OOC?

Not trying to add their jobs, I’m trying to add the OOC tag “(OOC)” into the chat whenever someone speaks in OOC. Same goes for Yell “(Yell)”, Whisper “(Whisper)” and that’s it I think.
Hope I was clear this time :I