Displaying floating text using 2d3d

The title.

I am a complete noob at lua, can anyone tell me how to do this.
I want to make something like this : http://i26.tinypic.com/mcwua0.jpg

EDIT: If anyone can make this for me i will pay them 6 sterling pounds through paypal (Yes, i am really that desperate)

Instead of making a new thread maybe you should continue posting in your old one?


This is obviously not a retoast

Hm? I’m useless at programming languages so that’s why im asking…

I think you owe Gbps 6 sterling

For doing…?

Oh my fucking christ, what the shit.

In GBPS’s link, just download ANY sent off gmod.org, and THE MOST basic understanding of lua at all should show the rest. The first code block replaces cl_init, the second shared, the third init, .lua’s.