Displaying server chat on a website?

Is there any way I would be able to take chat from in-game and display live on a website?

Possibly with an module. Or playersay hook to ping a certain php site with the get tags name and text and then append them to the other text

Possibly hook.Add to PlayerSay and http.Post it to a site?

If anyone finds a script for this, that would be amazing. I could use it as well.

garry’s log

When i remember that you can’t use the function properly 5 hours ago, i’m quite surprised to see you saying something like that.

Yep, without Money or some C++ Knowledge it is kinda hard.
GSCis the best Free Script, includes an PHP Class, and works flawlessly. Except one Part: glsock is kinda broken and old. And there are no alternatives.

You could hook into PlayerSay, serverside, and have it http.Fetch via _GET or _POST to communicate with the site. Then the rest would be PHP, taking the input and saving it somewhere where it could be recalled to be displayed on the site.

That may be slow if for each player chat the website is loaded… You could update it say once per minute or every few minutes and just send out the data that has changed since last broadcast…

Alternatively, you could use the socket dll. Or, if your website hosts the MySQL database your game-server uses, you could just insert chats into the db ( either as they happen since they’re queued and it happens without stopping the process, or in bulk every few minutes or so ).

I never said I was good at it :stuck_out_tongue:


$20 - how cheap …

I think they are saving money and making it themselves.

Here is one for free which requires MySQLOO