Disposable Heroes



First one is awesome, I take it its supposed to be symbolic of how the frontline guys are controllable by their superiors, hence the strings like puppets?

Or that they’re idiots who are willing to die for someone else’s interests because governments chose to call said interests “national”, “patriotic duty” and some other really nice names that are, in fact, meaningless. Sure, they can show examples of heroism or cowardry all they want, but in the end they do nothing, achieve nothing besides killing people, dying themselves and also helping “someone up there” to progress in achieving his goal.

At least that’s how my cynical mind chose to percept it. That’s what I call an “ART”, something that makes you think.

Back to the Front!

I like it…

bodies fill the fields i see, the slaughter never ends

controversial as fuck, I am sure I saw anti-war propaganda like this, I really enjoyed the concept, so props to you.

This is fantastic.

Am I the only person on Facepunch that supports military men and women?

Almost everybody I see on Facepunch spews distaste towards military personnel any time the subject comes up.

Or maybe their just toys.

I see a lot of Facepunch users with, as gudman put it, cynical views on military service. True, politicians have their goals and the military is their tool in accomplishing them; but demonizing and hating all the men and women who join a military service for a plethora of different reasons- solely because of their uniform- is just plain stupid.

As for the pictures: I feel the second one is altogether unnecessary, but the first one is fairly well done and the idea is interesting. Conveying the dramatic angle that soldiers are, in a sense, puppets to the wills of superiors and in the sense of Vietnam that often times honest young men were disposed of in battle for questionable reasons is an interesting concept. Like gudman said, it’s pictures like these that are more worthy of being called artistic because it makes the viewer think.

I’m pretty OK with military guys and girls.

As long as they ain’t “AMERICA FUCK YEAH” types.

it’s not as if there was a draft or anything during vietnam :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah op i like your pose

you’re a fucking idiot, you sound like one of those 13 year olds who tries to be edgy and cynical to look intelligent.

thank you medic for stealing the words right out of my finger tips

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millions of people
you have called idiots
for varying reasons

u don’t even know them people tho…

I don’t think people dislike military men and women in some way or ranother. Most people though see it as what it is. It’s a job and pretty much nothing more. I very much doubt most soldiers join up because they want to be patriots or do service.

No, I just know how it is. When people die and kill other people. And it sucks, you know. Death sucks as it is, but multiplying death for the sake of ideals (or money, talking about “job”) is just beyond any kind of words.
Willing to kill is a crime against humanity, no matter why or how you do this - with a knife you took to rob someone, or with a military grade rifle that government gave you.

They’re not automatically right just because of their numbers. Millions of people thought that Earth is flat, that doesn’t make them right.