Disqus Bans?

How do these work? Are they timed?

I havent seen many trolls banned from disqus garrysmod.org commenting, but I just got one myself for asking if a guy re uploaded something.

How are these lifted? And who moderates them?

I havent seen any threads about this, and bans make me nervous, and depressed.


Ive been threatened with “Here comes garry” on reply’s with actual constructive criticism (not the troll constructive criticism.)

I honestly don’t know. But I’ve been banned lol (ITS ME!!!). Pretty much every single troll/criticizer has been banned (Mithrot, EFG (Hes a /b/tard), and etc). I seriously doubt these would be lifted unless you send a pm or something.

Disqus. Sir, I applaud your new word.

Really though, I thank Garry or Benji needs to start doing shit about the trolls and shitty first maps.

I hope rimlanin get’s his well deserved permaban. But still, how does it link your disqus to your steam account?

I don’t know about banning “first maps” since it is most likely someones first attempt at mapping, everyone has made mistakes before.
I mean if I made a map and it was buggy I would rather get feedback on what is buggy about it and not banned for it being buggy, it’s just good business.

Now banning trolls, ASCII images, and negative posters is a good idea. I don’t know how many add-ons i have went to and theres a random post with profanity for no reason, or the multiple posts of ASCII images…

I agree with the ban for ASCII, that shit’s annoying. But negative posts, why? Now everybody is only giving faked out positive comments because their afraid of getting banned but still want to voice something. Seriously, what’s so wrong with negative criticism? It’s harsh, sure, but it’s your honest opinion.

You can be negative - but there’s a difference between

wow this sucks kill yourself


Nice for a first try - look into lighting though

Soon people will be too afraid to post on facepunch.

fuck damn it. i got banned too…lol hay flabudoo

Well shouldn’t first time maps be put into the mapping section in facepunch, not released? I mean, released stuff should be decently polished, not like a first map. People should release like their 3rd, 4th, or 5th maps. Not first.

Hey Garry, how is it checked that one should be banned, if you yourself said that the site doesn’t need mods? Or do you sift through them all?

Well would something along these lines be trolling or criticism?

I’m sorry but this is just horrible. Its fullbright with completely cubed rooms and so many decals that you can barely run it. Its also lacking in any originality or even remotely realistic texture patterns, infact the textures aren’t even pleasing to look at; they honestly hurt. You should also space the buildings closer together and evened. Not to mention the single street that cuts off to invisible walls is not only unoriginal and overused, its not even useful.

I’m banned lol, I don’t think they are timed, It is just your banned or you aren’t.

But i didnt do either :confused:



this thread isnt about facepunch, as some of you clearly think. this is garrysmod.org’s Disqus comment system.




Thats what I see, it also removed my comments. How can I answer questions about my uploads if I’m blocked?:frown:

You don’t.

yeah, you can’t really.

edit the description to answer them?

And then it gets removed

And you probably get completely banned for using the description instead of just commenting (which you can’t do because you’re already banned from that. YAY GARRY!!!)

Keep on dreaming.

I also got banned for commenting “STOLEN ( Link )”