disregard all the saves from the past 2 hours?

constant saving took place because i expect hammer to crash all the time. it had already crashed and been rebooted several times no problem.
but now somehow after the latest crash it rebooted it to how the map looked 2 hours ago. i am lost for words. what the hell did it do with the map it had been rebooting from all this time?

what the actual fuck.

if hammer were a person i would have brutally murdered him by now

k i think the rage is all gone now…

Hammer autosaves. Usually in like c:/hammerautosaves

I’ve picked up the habit of saving every ten or so minutes (or rather after a major change) from using windows movie maker on a piss-poor computer a few years ago. Needless to say, it’s a good habit to get into.

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally save it as something else? That’s happened to me before on other things, wondering where the hell something was only to find out I had it under something else.