Dissable hatchet PVP

I would like to have hatchet pvp off. Because everytime you spawn with in 5-10 min ur dead because some ppl just kill you to annoy you. When you succesfully made a house ppl glitch in and kill you with a hatchet just to steal your items and die to another hatchet murderer. post here if you agree to this.

This entirely defeats the purpose of a game like this. It’s meant to be “yeah do whatever” not “do whatever but don’t do these specific things that are put into the base game.”

Yes but it would fix ppl glitching in your house and killing you and ruining your game, maybe later add it again?

It’s a beta, shit is going to happen. It’s better to eventually fix a bug in an update instead of disabling a core game feature to fix it.

Why get so attatched to your items when the servers will probably be wiped in a week or so anyway? I’m running round with like 500 metal fragments and 600 sulphur ore on me while I try to break into the middle of the island. Why? Because I don’t care if I lose them.