dissapearing homes after log

:zoid:Ok I joined this game today me and a community of guys setup a two tier large build complete with furnishings , all was ok then I logged out for 30 minutes to go and pick the GF up and my spawn point was gone and no sign of the building.

Someone would not have had the ammo or time to remove it , there was also further complaints from other people that their houses had gone too. This was well after the server hard reset on official 1.

So I ask where has our stuff gone.

Im willing to stand up to the multiple deaths , the perma death and all that but if I invest a whole day building stuff up with guys and it goes then sorry but that’s game breaking

Sensible answers to what occurred please

The server wiped and your stuff was deleted. It will happen a lot seeing that it is in alpha.

Official 1 was not wiped, perhaps you joined a new server by accident?
If it wasn’t on an Official server then I’m not sure what happened, perhaps the server administrator wiped the servers