Dissapearing Queue With Update

I had 400 low grade fuel and 8750 gun powder queued up right before the update. Everything in my queue is now gone. That’s a crappy surprise to an update I was otherwise looking forward to. Is this going to happen every patch?

Were you online when the update hit?

not it you aren’t crafting at the time it updates.

Yeah. I was online. Of course, I had to close rust and open it back up to download the update. I was on all day crafting and upgrading my base while I waited. I’ve logged off plenty of times before while crafting never had this issue. Maybe I’m a rust noob and put no time into rust but this has never happened to me before.

So when the server is restarted (as it needs to be to apply the update) it doesn’t save peoples crafting queues.

Stuff like that (dead bodies, dropped items, etc) doesn’t tend to get carried across server restarts.

Just something to remember in the future.

We had a bunch of foundations and walls that were missing.

wait, you’ve been able to log of and have the crafting queue continue? that’s bugged as hell…

the server doesn’t save craft queues. i’m surprised you have been able to log off like that and come back to crafted gear, but definitely on any reset i’ve experienced, and crafting i have part way through is gone, no questions asked.

Yes, everyone has this ability. It doesn’t craft while you are away but things continually pop into your inventory when you come back. It doesn’t as you say “come back to crafted gear.” It still takes the same amount of time in game as it normally would. I am surprised you didn’t know this. I would not call that bugged as hell- that’s a feature.

The issue when you log off with stuff in your queue is that the queue doesn’t update and show that you have items crafting. But they will accumulate in your inventory. For a server restart, you’re boned and you lose what’s in your queue.

i think i may have misinterpreted what you said.

my impression is that you queue, log off, and come back to complete items.

for me, i have never tried queuing things and logging off, so i have no idea what would normally happen, but this would be very broken. if you mean that the queue is still exactly where it was when you logged off, that surprises me, but is not broken.

either way, it does not surprise me that the queue is gone if the server resets. i’m not convinced it’s really an intended feature, i think it’s more so to protect you from losing gear if your connection drops suddenly.

I think the most important question to ask here is, why in the hell would you ever queue up so many things at once with such wonky inventory bugs being present for the past couple months? I never craft more than 5 minutes worth of stuff at once, I’ll just update the list as I go.

I expected someone to say something like this. I queue these things up so I don’t have to be a slave to my base. Sure, there is a risk that I get killed in the process but I am not going to be upset if that were to happen- it was a risk I took. I just didn’t expect the patch to be what robbed me.

It takes about 1.5 hours to craft one c4- one. you tell me how fun it would be to constantly run back to my house every 5 minutes to queue up more gp. We are supposed to be out and about. If I did your method, I might never get out of the base, be constantly stuck in my inventory screen… none of these are things I want. So yeah, I cook lots of sulfur to queue up into gunpowder, not for me to just throw away. Another thing to consider- sulfur and charcoal take up a lot of valuable inventory space and how impractical is it if I have to carry my inventory full of crafting supplies instead of just queuing them up. Maybe on some creative server where you have 10x crafting these things aren’t a problem but on vanilla servers, this is a real deal.

Funny, I use my strategy on vanilla servers and I never seem to be slaved to my base. The only time I’m stuck indoors is usually during night time but it’s gotten better lately.